Logo Design

I created this logo for one of my design classes to represent a fictional non-profit organization, Barrier Inc. The mission of this organization was to protect the Great Barrier Reef. It took numerous attempts at the design and altering the color to reach a final draft that encompassed the idea of the organization.

Conceptual Elaboration

In my courses I was challenged with two assignments that involved conceptual elaboration. These assignments taught me to think outside the box and understand the target customers perception of the brand and the mission of the company.

Social Media

I am the Web and Public Relations Director for Student Government at the University of Tampa. In this position I am required to design daily advertisements and manage social media channels and office schedules. Above is a brochure I had to redesign for appropriation guidelines for any organization on campus to easily follow after the bylaws were slightly adjusted.  I also work in conjunction with student organizations to provide information for upcoming events and inform the student body of avenues for community involvement and leadership opportunities as depicted in the flyer above.

Written Work

GenZ blog

News Writing

Published News Articles

Advertising Campaign Project: Metropolitan Ministries


















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