Oxford Exchange.

A must-visit in Tampa Bay. The well-renowned Oxford Exchange is a place to spend your afternoons sipping tea, brunching and shopping. Read up to learn about all its curated corners and boozy bars.

The Library

Let’s go to The Library. A quaint eatery located in downtown St. Petersburg where you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a sweet libation & read a riveting novel.

Bourbon Spritz

Calling all Bourbon lovers. A Bourbon Spritz is a must-try on a hot summer day.


By: Sarah Cirelli and Luciana Paz “Now I just paint vaginas all of the time,” Haley Haren, senior art therapy major said. Haren’s free-spirited golden curls rest upon her shoulder, encapsulating how big her heart and artistic creativity are. She sits beside her paintings in the art studio and gets lost in the moment while…

Hawaiian Luau

Student Productions put on a Hawaiian luau party on March 16 from 5-7pm at the UT pool. The purpose of this event was for the diversity chair in Student Productions, Michelle Mooney, to have a cultural gathering and to teach people about the Hawaiian lifestyle. Mooney teamed up with the recreation chair, Anna Buccafuri, to…